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Koi, their "Beauty is not Skin Deep, but Deep in the Skin"
Mark Curtis, Proprietor
We offer a large selection of hand-picked koi, purchased directly from breeders in Japan and not from dealers or trans-shippers.
The Koi Store is your One Stop Pond Shop. We specialize in the development, sale and cultivation of quality Japanese Koi Fish. We are dedicated to Water Gardening and provide expertise in pond design and management. The Koi Store stocks a complete line of top quality products from medication, high quality foods, filtration products and chemicals to make your experience the best it can be.

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The KOI Store is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our customers.
We are open only by appointment. Please call us at (416) 495-0004 or email us at to make and appointment.
Appointments are available Monday – Saturday 11:30AM – 5PM and Sunday 1:30PM – 5:00PM.
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Within the hobby of Koi Keeping, there exists the enigma that is “Japanese Koi.” If you have asked yourself the question, “What is the difference between a Japanese Koi and Koi from other countries?” or “How do I asses the quality of a Koi” or some similar question with regards to this topic, then you need to come visit us at “The Koi Store”. We offer a large selection of hand-picked koi, purchased directly from breeders in Japan and not from dealers or trans-shippers. These Breeders are well-reputed in the koi world and do not breed koi just for the export market. During our yearly buying trips to Japan, we carefully select koi based on their attributes and future At “The Koi Store’’ we offer many varieties of affordable, quality koi which are hard to find in Canada. This is ideal for the hobbyist looking to improve their collection. Our prices for koi are based on important factors, such as overall quality, breeding and future potential. Remember, with regards to koi and their quality, “Beauty is not Skin Deep” but rather, their BEAUTY IS DEEP IN THE SKIN”..

Improvement of one’s eye to pick the koi that is the ‘Diamond in the Rough’ is the real challenge, and development of a koi to its full potential is truly the test of a koi keeper’s skill. At ‘The Koi Store’ we can help you hone the skills needed to be able to select these ‘gems.’ If you are up for the challenge of koi keeping and ready for a change, then email or visit us for more.

Happy Koi Keeping.

Koi Galleries

New NIISAI KOI for the 2019 Season

Please check out our new arrivals.
These are carefully selected, imported Koi, from great bloodlines, directly from Japan.
Sizes range from 14″ to 22″.
Quarantine completed, available for Sale now.

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